TOP 5 Design-to-Code, Figma-to-Code Tools: FUNCTION12, Anima, and More

Welcome to FUNCTION12, the ultimate design-to-code platform for developers.

So, let me guess. You are looking for a design to code tool and have either searched for ‘design to code’, ‘Figma to code’, or ‘Figma to react’ and landed on this page. Maybe you are ready to use FUNCTION12 but want a comparison with other products to make sure you are on the right tool.

To save your time, here is the list and comparison of some of the Figma to code products. We have a total of five services including FUNCTION12 with an explanation of how each service is similar or different from the other. All five SaaS offer conversions in design to code, Figma to code, and design to languages or frameworks such as HTML, React, Flutter, and more.

TOP 5 Design-to-Code Tools

Below are short descriptions of: FUNCTION12, Anima, Locofy, Teleport HQ, Monday Hero

Although we would love to provide full details, we also know the beauty of a short and sweet explanation. Please visit the website link attached to each description to learn more.

If you are looking for a design to developer-level code, then think no more and sign up on FUNCTION12. We can assure you that you will not regret it.

Design-to-Code Description


Design to code - FUNCTION12

FUNCTION12 presents powerful performance through dock UI, unique interface in multi-window, native rendering engine with the developer-friendly process, and production-ready codes. All features and tools in FUNCTION12 are built for the developer to have full control when producing codes.


Design to code - anima

Anima is a Figma, Sketch, and XD plugin tool with a control feature within the tool.

It is a designer-based service where the designer’s control will mostly affect the outcome. Although the developer can also do edits, it requires knowledge of design-based tools. It is optimized for exporting codes by components rather than a page or project base.


Design to code - Locofy

Locofy is similar to Anima, a design-based plug-in tool with a control feature. There are some slight details between Locofy and Anima, but the overall features, processes, and interfaces are extremely similar to each other.

Teleport HQ

Design to code - teleportHQ

Teleport HQ’s interface and process are concentrated on producing codes by the developer’s control, rather than the designer. The developer can adjust the final codes as they want and it allows a wide range of design components to edit compared to other products. It would be appropriate to view Teleport HQ as a design-to-code product with few editing features.

Learn more about the difference between FUNCTION12 and Teleport HQ, from this post:

What sets FUNCTION12 apart from others?
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Monday Hero

design to code - monday hero

Monday Hero is also mainly concentrated developer side’s control and handling. Currently, the product beta is provided in mobile support. Monday Hero provides conversion in SWIFT, unlike other services.

If you know of any other services or products that you would like to recommend, please let us know anytime. We will check it out and update it to this list.

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