FUNCTION12 Team’s Balance and Strength

Hey readers!

This is Shawn from FUNCTION12, the design-to-code and Figma-to-react tool. Today, I will be sharing about us, the FUNCTION12 team in this posting.

Team Building for Team Balance

When I was first starting to build our team, my top priority was how to form this group with balance. It wasn’t only about having one of each member for development, operation, and marketing. It was about creating a balance among different characteristics.

FUNCTION12 started a team of five with the goal of great balance. After our team was created, I started to wonder if we were truly in harmony. So, I have invited a professional that evaluates the individuals’ talent and strengths. The result was absolutely satisfactory.

Let me show you the diagram without further explanation.

FUNCTION12 Team Diagram

Each color represents a member of the team with 8 types of strengths shown in each pie. Each color may have dents for a certain pie, but when all five colors are combined inside the circle, you can see that a circle is formed in the middle.

Not only was our team balance proved by a professional evaluation, but also in high balance with great strength in the aspected of creation, evaluation, and negotiation. With such harmony, FUNCTION12 was able to provide and operate a powerful, stable service to meet the need of our users.

A Bit More about the CEO, Shawn

Although I would love to discuss each and one of the colors in our diagram, I also know the beauty of a short and sweet story, so I’ll go over only my diagram this time.

FUNCTION12 CEO Shawn’s Diagram

‘Creation’ represents the ability to think outside the box and find joy in change. Such ability is often shown in positions like marketing or a new business that requires unique and original ideas. Teammates with the ‘create’ strength can provide and suggest new ideas or changes to the team or organization.

‘Evaluation’ represents the ability to improve by logical problem-solving. This is a great strength when an accurate evaluation of the current situation or a decision must be made among numerous alternatives. Teammates with the ‘evaluate’ strength can go through the many options for important decision-making.

So this is the diagram that represents me. As you can see, my core strengths are in creating and evaluating. Especially, I was evaluated to show the most strength in creation, which also shows how much I enjoy building and creating this organization and its culture.

Although we received the evaluation from a professional, I believe conducting an evaluation of each other can help your team to learn more about each other. Teamwork, in the end, is all about trust built on communication. Only with communication, can we learn about who we are working with every day.

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